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Maria Margie Angelis B.Sc. M. Ed.


Every company has a story, and this company's story entails the story of a young American teacher ,administrator, and school leader, Maria Margie Angelis, who traveled from New York to Riyadh, KSA, in 2009. 


At the time, Mrs. Angelis was a well-experienced math, science, computer, and English teacher who also had experience as a principal and school leader. When she reached Riyadh, she worked as  an English university lecturer at  Princess Noura University. She also prepared advanced students to enter American, British, and Canadian Universities via specialized programs like MISK. 


The more time Mrs. Angelis spent in Riyadh, the more she became inspired by Islamic culture, habits, and behavior and decided to make Riyadh her hometown. After a few years, Mrs. Angelis was promoted to Academic Director and worked with high-profile government members regarding educational issues in Saudi Arabia.  As academic director, she worked with Cognia and International Baccalaureate Accreditations, American and British learning standards, American and British curriculum, school improvement plans, human resourcing and recruitment, professional development, standardized tests, and teacher observations.


Maria Angelis believes that the education system in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East has enormous potential and can easily surpass any other as long as teachers are adequately trained to deal with the Middle Eastern Reality. Various  international schools in the Middle East hire qualified teachers and administrators from abroad and pay them high salaries. Yet, teachers and school administrators never reach their full potential due to gaps in professional development.  


Highly qualified teachers and administrators from abroad who wish to work in the Middle East must be trained to deal with the Middle Eastern Reality.


Maria Angelis founded  to help improve schools in the Middle East by resourcing top-quality teachers to international schools after training them in the Middle Eastern Reality.




Maria Angelis was  District Academic Director of all FIS School Branches in Saudi Arabia . She collaborated with all stakeholders for the continuous improvement of FIS school branches. She provided advice and innovative solutions after having conducted thorough research in recent educational studies. Mrs. Angelis's qualifications and 25 years of experience ( 10 years of Experience in KSA) in the academic world combine education and computer software engineering; albeit, enabling her to integrate technology in all types of curricula efficiently. Mrs. Angelis is a New York State Certified Board of Education teacher in math and English. She has received her Bachelors of Science in Computer Software Engineering (Cum Laude) & Honors from Long Island University in New York and her Masters of Education and Technology (Suma Cum Laude) from Eastern Connecticut State University. She has also received her CELTA and DELTA from the University of Cambridge. She is a member of the National Honor Society ALPHA SIGMA LAMBDA. Mrs. Angelis has written and published a plethora of articles. Maria is fluent in English and Greek and has a working knowledge of French and Arabic.

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