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What can go wrong during an interview?

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Several things can go wrong in an interview, such as:

  1. Poor communication: Misunderstandings can occur if the interviewer and interviewee have a communication breakdown.

  2. Biases and prejudices: Interviewers can have unconscious biases and prejudices that can affect the hiring decision.

  3. Inappropriate questions: Asking questions that are not relevant to the job or can be considered discriminatory can lead to legal trouble.

  4. Lack of preparation: If the interviewer is not well-prepared, the interview can become disorganized and ineffective.

  5. Technical difficulties: Technical difficulties such as a bad internet connection or malfunctioning equipment can disrupt the interview.

  6. Time management: Poor time management can lead to a rushed interview or not enough time to cover all relevant topics.

  7. Unprofessional behaviour: Both the interviewer and interviewee need to behave professionally during the interview.

  8. Lack of clarity: Failing to provide clear instructions, expectations, or job requirements can lead to confusion and misinterpretation.

  9. Inconsistent evaluation: Interviewers should have a standardised process for evaluating candidates, or they risk inconsistency in their hiring decisions.

  10. Unforeseeable events: Lastly, unforeseeable events such as sudden illness, power outages, or natural disasters can lead to the cancellation or rescheduling of the interview.

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