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Why should we be your teacher recruiters?


Our company, InfoAcademicSpecialists, specializes in providing schools with knowledgeable, talented, and charismatic teachers who are committed to improving student academic performance and the overall learning environment. Our team of well-qualified and experienced American educators uses a specially designed multiple-step selection system to help schools in the Middle East and Asia meet their human resourcing needs.

How do we recruit teachers?

We work with school administrators to ensure that our recruitment efforts are aligned with their district planning, and we assist in the preparation of job descriptions, projections, strategic planning, and needs analysis to determine the exact number and type of teachers that each school requires. Our recruitment process is rational and organized, and we utilise a broad range of criteria to filter potential candidates, including attributes such as flexibility, creativity, and enthusiasm.

What do we do different?

At InfoAcademicSpecialists, we prioritize the quality of our services and the satisfaction of our clients. Our recruitment process is thorough and includes pre-screening teacher assessments, evidence-based screening methodologies, and effective interviews by experienced American educators. We also validate candidate information, documentation, and references to ensure accuracy, authenticity, and honesty.

How do we select teachers?

Our clear selection criteria and superior screening methodologies set us apart from our competitors, and we allocate sufficient time to ensure that the hiring process is comprehensive and efficient. By working with InfoAcademicSpecialists, schools can access the largest pool of qualified candidates and select the best teachers to meet their unique needs.

Still wondering how infoacademicspecialists can help?

  1. We will work with you to determine the school's needs: Before starting the hiring process, it is important that together we identify the specific needs of the school. This may include determining the number and type of teachers needed, the subjects they will teach, the qualifications and experience required, and any specific characteristics or qualities desired in candidates.

  2. We can help you develop  job descriptions: Based on you school's needs, we can help you create a job description that clearly outlines the expectations, duties, and responsibilities of the position. This will help attract qualified candidates and ensure that they understand the requirements of the job.

  3. We will Advertise jobs: We will work with you and post the job description in relevant publications, on the school's website, and on job boards or social media platforms. We usually use  a variety of channels to reach a wider audience and attract a diverse pool of candidates.

  4. We will screen job applications and CVs:  We will review applications and resumes to identify candidates who meet the qualifications and experience required for the position.  We will use a scoring rubric or checklist to evaluate applications and ensure that all candidates are evaluated consistently.

  5. We can help you conduct interviews so together we can select the most qualified candidates and conduct interviews to learn more about their skills, experience, and teaching philosophy. Our company has a mix of interview formats, such as one-on-one interviews, group interviews, and demonstration lessons, to assess candidates in a variety of settings.

  6. We can check references: After the interviews, we can assist you to check the references of the top candidates to verify their qualifications and experience and ensure that they are a good fit for the school's culture

  7. We can help you make a hiring decision based on the interviews and reference checks, and select the best candidate for the job and make an offer. We will help you consider factors such as the candidate's experience, teaching style, fit with the school's culture, and any unique qualities or skills that they can bring to the position.

  8. We can provide our assistance to onboard new teachers: Once new teachers have accepted the job, we can help you develop an onboarding plan to ensure that they are properly introduced to the school's culture, policies, procedures, and expectations. Provide opportunities for the new teacher to meet with colleagues, observe classes, and receive training on any necessary tools or systems.

  9. We can provide our ongoing support to evaluate teacher performance: Throughout the school year, we can help you evaluate the performance of  new teachers and provide ongoing feedback and support. Research has shown that when neutral external companies conduct teacher evaluations they are likelier to get objective outcomes.  We consider our own formal evaluation process and provide opportunities for professional development to help the teacher improve and grow.

Do you need help calculating the number of teachers your school needs?

To calculate the number of teachers your school needs to hire you must follow these steps:

  1. Determine the student enrollment: The first step is to determine the projected student enrollment for the upcoming academic year. This will give you an idea of the number of students that need to be accommodated and the student-to-teacher ratio required.

  2. Assess the curriculum: Determine the courses and subjects that will be offered in the upcoming academic year. This will help you identify the number of teachers required for each subject or course, and whether any specialized or experienced teachers are needed.

  3. Analyze the workload: Analyze the workload of existing teachers and determine the ideal workload for new teachers. Consider factors such as class size, number of contact hours, grading and assessment, and other responsibilities such as extracurricular activities, faculty meetings, and professional development.

  4. Identify school staffing needs: Based on the student enrollment, curriculum, and workload analysis, identify the number of teachers needed for each subject or course, as well as any additional staffing needs such as teaching assistants, substitutes, or special education teachers.

  5. Consider budget and resources: Consider the budget and resources available for hiring new teachers. Determine the cost of salaries, benefits, and other expenses such as relocation or housing. Consider the available facilities and resources such as classroom space, technology, and teaching materials.

  6. Determine the hiring timeline: Determine the timeline for hiring new teachers, taking into account the time required for advertising, recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding. Consider whether any teachers need to be hired in advance to allow time for relocation or visa processing

By conducting a needs analysis, you can determine the number of teachers required to meet the educational needs of your students, while also taking into account budget and resource constraints. This will help ensure that your organization is adequately staffed to provide high-quality education to your students.

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