Who We Are:


InfoAdemicSpecialists will help your schools hire knowledgeable, talented, charismatic, and influential teachers who will increase student academic performance by grasping issues, developing solutions, and improving student learning and your school's learning environment. InfoAcademicSpecialists team up with school administrators to choose quality staff via their specially designed teacher-selection strategies. InfoAcademicSpecialists is the only human resource company in the Middle East and Asia with a team of well-qualified and experienced American educators and a specially designed multiple-step selection system to help you meet your school's human resourcing needs. 


What we do:

Our team will work with your staff so that our recruitment efforts are tied in with your school's district planning. We will help you prepare job descriptions, complete projections, strategic planning, and a needs analysis of your school/ s to calculate the exact number and type of teachers that your school/s needs/need. At the same time, InfoAcademicSpecialists will underscore the attractive aspects of your school/s and the hiring package you offer to prospective teacher candidates. Infoacademicspecialists follow rational and organized recruiting procedures that can help you hire the best teachers from the largest selection of candidates. 


Why should you work with us?


InfoAcademicSpecialists allot sufficient time for recruiting your teachers. Instead of collecting CVs, sending them to you, and expecting you to filter teachers yourself, InfoAcademicSpecialists do the filtering for you with specially designed teacher-selection strategies. Our pool of candidates comes from multiple recruitment sources, and the hiring criteria that we use are much broader than those used by our competitors; in addition to filtering teachers based on obvious attributes like grade level, subject, education, and experience, InfoAcademicSpecialists filter teachers based on less apparent attributes like flexibility, creativity, and enthusiasm. We also consider an applicant's growth potential, previous job performance, techniques of teaching, and effect on student learning. We check candidate's references and documents for accuracy, authenticity, and honesty. 


InfoAcademicSpecialists's Teacher Selection System 



  • ☛ Clear selection criteria 

  • ☛ Pre-Screening teacher assessments 

  • ☛ Superior evidence-based screening methodologies 

  • ☛ The validation of candidate information, documentation, and references

  • ☛ Effective interviews by experienced, well-qualified American educators