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How can I interview teachers to find the best ones for my school?

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Interviewing teachers can be a challenging process, but there are a few key strategies that can help you filter out the best candidates:

  1. Develop clear criteria: Before beginning the interview process, it's important to establish clear criteria for what you're looking for in a teacher. This might include things like experience, subject matter expertise, teaching philosophy, and cultural fit with your school community. Having these criteria in place can help you to evaluate candidates more objectively.

  2. Use behavioral interview questions: Behavioral interview questions are designed to help you understand how a candidate has handled specific situations in the past. These questions can give you insight into the candidate's problem-solving abilities, communication skills, and ability to work collaboratively with colleagues and students.

  3. Ask for examples of student success: A great teacher is one who can demonstrate a track record of success with their students. During the interview, ask candidates to provide examples of specific student successes they've had in the past. This can give you a sense of how they approach teaching and how effective they are in the classroom.

  4. Consider the candidate's passion for teaching: Passion for teaching is a key indicator of a great teacher. During the interview, ask candidates about why they became a teacher, what they find most rewarding about the profession, and how they stay motivated to continue learning and growing as an educator.

  5. Involve other members of the school community: It can be helpful to involve other members of the school community in the interview process, such as other teachers, administrators, or even students. This can provide different perspectives on the candidate and help you to make a more informed decision.

By following these strategies, you can conduct interviews that help you to identify the best teachers for your school.

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